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    Therese says

    Your talent blows me away!!! I can’t draw stick people!

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    Diann Harris says

    Great work!

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    Barbara Bryan says

    Your work is amazing, Steve! The details that you can reproduce are just incredible. There are a few that I’m really wanting in my house!

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    Dawn Brantley says

    Felicity and I have truly enjoyed visiting your gallery.

  5. REPLY
    Alan Dean says

    As great as your tight, realistic images are, I love the more abstract pieces where your details become shapes, rather than realistic lines. I’d love to see more semi abstract pieces!

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    Mark Phillips says

    I love both of your work.

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    Rebecca Hudson Dilworth says

    Hey,Steve, I am blown away by yours and your wife’s art work. When did you first realize you had a gift for art? I’ve just retired after 41 yrs as a Registered Nurse and art is something I want to dabble in now. I was always in band or choir so never had any school periods left for art. Don’t even know enough to know what I would be interested in. When did you realize you had this gift?

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      admin says

      Hi Rebecca, Thanks for your comment. I’ve been drawing since the beginning of time and I’ve always loved creating. When I was very small I would sit and look at magazines with my Mom. I would point at the illustrations and tell her, this is what I want to do, I want to make up stories with paintings. I’m glad you are finding time for your art…it will make everything better. All the best…S

  8. REPLY
    Cheryl Vecchio says

    I would like to purchase MJ & Billy for Gayle Reinhart’s house at Dauphin Island,

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