Collection of Deborah & Barry McDonald Collierville, TN.

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"Prattville's Uncle Ward"     











Acrylic on masonite 17.5 X 23




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I had the pleasure of knowing this extraordinary man and recently discovered he is well remembered in the Prattville area. He stood all of about 4'11" and everywhere he went women made a fuss over him. By the time I got paint him, he could no longer see but seemed to love the idea of having his portrait made.

"A Clowning Moment"


This was done from a photo Deb had taken of this beautiful little girl. The child wasn't holding balloons but I added them to give a bit of motion to the scene. This painting was juried into the Watercolor Society of Alabama’s National show. With this honor I received Signature Member Status.





















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"Keeper of the Colors"
Deb and I were visiting the Five Points area of Birmingham and noticed this fellow sitting near the fountain. He was oblivious to everyone around him, totally involved in his work. I got an idea for a painting and made this sketch to use later.











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Sometimes you do a painting...because you just have to...S






Collection of Derenda Jantz Harpersville, AL.





Acrylic on Illustration Board 18 X 24


This is my cousin David, a rabid Auburn fan and one of the nicest guys to ever inhabit this planet. Unfortunately, David passed away a few years back from complications of AIDS. Deb and I loved him deeply and so together we painted this picture in hopes that between the two of us we could capture David's essence through shape and color. Deb captured his love of color with her background and I captured his smile. We will always miss you...

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"Varmint Hunting"














This piece was originally designed as a cover for Southern Outdoors Magazine, but was used as lead art for an inside article. Even though the scene looks bad for the fox, trust me, by the time the hunter shoulders his weapon, the fox will be in the next county.


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Acrylic on canvas 22 X 28

"Bay Dawning"


Growing up along Mobile Bay left an indelible mark on my soul. Looking off Dauphin Island bridge to the east, out across the grass beds and over the bay just before sunrise.

18 X 24 Acrylic on canvas