About the Dog House Studio


The Dog House Studio has been a dream of ours since we first met and now, through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, it is a reality. Deb had two big dogs, Katie and Jette, and they were her babies. Katie was a Yellow Lab and perfectly filled the role as the dumb blonde...Jette was a German Sheppard, Black Lab mix and was sweet and sensitive. Both were loyal pets with two distinctive personalities and a deep love for their Mom, each other, and the water. Jette loved her dog house and was right at home out in the back yard but Katie was better served as an inside dog who wouldn't lower herself to the confines of a dog house. No matter what, these two were inseparable, and then we lost Jette to cancer. I shall never forget looking out over our back yard and seeing Katie standing halfway inside of Jette's dog house...looking for her sister. They are both gone now, Katie passed two months before her sixteenth birthday, but their memories live on in our hearts. Oh yeah, the Dog House Studio. Well, we built our studio in the same spot where Jette's dog house stood and as a tribute to her love and life, we call it...The Dog House Studio.